The Firm

Company Overview

Evotech Capital specializes in corporate finance, financial advisory, and mergers & acquisitions. We serve the capital markets in the U.S. (NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX) and Hong Kong (HKEx).

Our industry coverage includes Asia-focused agriculture, healthcare (including Traditional Chinese Medicine), biotechnology, green technology (cleantech), commodities, automobile, natural resources, and aerospace, amongst others.

Our product coverage includes equity capital, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance, project finance, and restructuring. We have completed transactions in the United States, Hong Kong, China, and Germany.

We only partner with reputable accounting firms, and law firms, and other professionals to work on our pre-qualified client companies. By having the best professionals team, and selecting qualified clients carefully, we maximize investment returns and mitigate risk.

For the client, we contribute value through strategy, which comes from our extensive experience. By having us to do all the preparation work early on, the client enjoys cost-savings and speed to market. The client will benefit from higher valuation with our strategic development plan and the execution of it.

For the investor, we have already done the difficult work of sourcing the deal-flow, conducting evaluation and due diligence, and drafting presentation material; therefore saving significant costs and delivering a ready-to-go transaction. With our team, investors enjoy high returns, protection, and integrity.