The Firm

Key Value Added Elements

Actively Manage The Private Placement Process

  • Craft Company Marketing Materials
  • Maintain Continuous Dialogue with Investors
  • Manage Investor Diligence Process
  • Structure and Negotiate Deal Terms

Position the Company Correctly with Qualified Institutional Investors

  • Provide Industry and Marketing Expertise
  • Articulate Clear and Compelling Story
  • Present Story as Dress Rehearsal for IPO

Tailor the Distribution Strategy

  • Leverage Evotech Capital’s long-standing professional relationships
  • Focus on investors with industry expertise and long term strategy
  • Seed the Company’s IPO with Crossover Investors

Create an Auction Environment

  • Create a competitive bidding process
  • Negotiate aggressively for best possible valuation, terms and conditions
  • Use process to drive investors to a timely closing

Beginning of a Long Term Advisory Relationship

  • Work with a value add advisor on various stages of company life-cycle
  • Private Equity Capital
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • Debt Financing